Great! You've set up some tasks, this guide will show you how to manage them.

There are a couple different ways you'll want to manage your tasks:

  • How to edit a task
  • How to change the status of your task

In the Doddle app:

Once you have created a task, it will appear in your ToDo column on the Manage page.

How to edit a task 

1. Click on the task that you want to edit or add more detail to

The Task window will open

2. Here you can add a due date, notes, and clients that you want to keep updated. You can also send messages to your team and attach documents to the task. 

💡TIP: To save your changes, all you need to do is exit the Task window, it will
automatically save for you. 

How to change the status of your task

Once you are happy with all the details of your task, it is time to start working on them. 

  1. When you are ready to work on a task, drag it to the Doing column 

💡TIP: Doddle has a built in time tracker, once you move a task into Doing, you will be able to see how much time has been spent on a task.

2. Once you have finished the task, drag it to the Done column

This will update the task notes, marking it as Done

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