Save time on projects by planning out ideas and pricing tasks before any work is conducted. This article shows you how edit and arrange tasks on your Plan page.

In the Doddle app:

1. Once you have created a task in the New column, drag it over to the Ideas column to get started

2. In the Ideas column, select the task you would like to start working on

The Task window will open

3.  Here you can add a due date, notes, and invite clients that you want to keep updated. You can also send messages to your team and attach documents to the task.

4. Once you and your client are happy with the task brief, drag the task to the Planning column

The Planning column is where you can finalise task details and quote a price for the clients approval.

6. Once your quote has been approved, your task will appear in the Quotes column. When you are ready to start working on this task, click Add to ToDo list +

You will see that the task has moved to the ToDo list on the Manage page

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