There are a couple ways to quote your price in a task. This article explains how to:

  • Quote by billable hours
  • Quote a fixed cost

In the Doddle app:

1. On your Plan page, in the Planning column, select the task that you want to add a quote to

 You will now see a Quote section at the bottom of the task window

Quote by billable hours

1. Under Rate, add the Estimate hours and Billable hours of the team members that will work on this task

Learn how to adjust the team's hourly rates here

2. Click Send to send the quote to the Client

3. Your quote will appear in the Chat & Notes Sub Tasks section, ready for your client to accept

Quote a fixed cost

1. Select  Add a fixed cost at the bottom of the Quote section

2. Add a Description of the work and the fixed cost

3. Click Send to send the quote to your client

Once the client accepts a quote, you will receive this message in the Chat & Notes Sub Tasks section.

Your task is now ready to work on! 

1. When ready, click the Add to ToDo list link to move this task from Plan to Manage.

2. You will be notified that your task has moved to the ToDo list on the Manage page

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