Adding a priority level to your tasks is a great way to make sure that the most important jobs are done first. This article will show you how to customise your own priority levels to help you stay on track.

In the Doddle app:

1. To find your team settings, click on your profile icon and select Current Team Settings

2. On the Team Settings page, in the Customisations column, click on Task Priorities

Here you will see the default task priorities as well as the level of importance.

3. To add a task priority, click on the + Add button

The New Task Priority window will open

4. Add a title to your priority and then add the level of importance

5. Click Save to add the task priority to your options

TIP: You can edit or delete an existing priority level by simply clicking on the pencil or bin icon

💡 TIP: You can change a tasks priority at any time during the project, by opening the task window and clicking on it's priority.

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