Once you have added clients and started working with them, you can view their work history and details. This guide will help to break down the client detail column so that you can get the most out of this Doddle feature! 

  • Add an avatar to a client
  • Check your Statistics
  • Review a Client's projects

In the Doddle app:

1. On the Clients page, click on the Client that you would like to view

Their client information will open in the Client Details column

Add an avatar to your client

1. Add a picture to represent your Client, such as a logo or photo, by clicking on the person icon

2. A drop down window will appear, allowing you to choose an image stored on your computer

3. Adjust picture as needed and then click Save Avatar to add your image

Check your Statistics

The Stats table can keep you up to date with the total amount of hours worked and income you have earned from a client so far.

1. Click the drop down to choose the window of time you would like shown, or use the custom calendar tool for a more specific timeframe

2. You can now see your busiest days of work for your client's project

and your earnings over the period of the project 

Review a Client's projects

In this section of the page you can view which team members are working for each client, what projects you are working on for them, and any notes that have added during the planning section.

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