Logging time is vital to the success of most companies - time logging is vital for invoicing, identifying projects going over budget, looking out for efficiciencies. 

This is often done using a spreadsheet, or online systems that are essentially pretty spreadsheets.  They all rely on retrospective time entry - they rely on you performing an action to add an entry to a timesheet, start a timer or most likely trying to remember on a Friday afternoon what it was you were doing on Monday morning.

No one likes keeping a timesheet and they're often inaccurate.  This is why we created the "Doddle continuous timer".  Time tracking that's integrated with your task management, and quite literally tracks every minute of your day, logging for you what you are working on.  The only thing you need to worry about is actually doing your work!

Let's take a very basic day.

You log on to Doddle to find your first task.  Open the task and click "Doing".  The timer automatically pops open and says, have you been working all this time?

In this case, you haven't.  So click on "Quick Explain" and pick one of your admin tasks - here we have a non-billable task for "Not Working".  This zero's the timer, and you are good to start work!

When you are finished with your task, you either stop the timer or mark it as done.  The timer opens again to say - do you want to leave a note on this timeslip (notes can be useful if you need to look back and see what you were doing).

Occasionally you will forget to mark a task as "Doing" (sometimes we just get very excited about doing a task!).  But don't worry - it's a very naggy timer.  As soon as that task is done it will ask you what you were doing...and it will back fill that time to when you finished your last task.  At worst, you're an hour or so behind and Doddle has handled this for you.

That's it - those are the basics of using the Doddle continuous timer.  It is a change, and change is sometimes hard.  But our studies have had overwhelming success in getting people to log their time correctly and accurately, as they are working.  No more retrospective timesheets - maybe even clock off early on a Friday afternoon.

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