Sometimes we will want to restrict team users to only a small number of clients - perhaps for confidentiality, but also just to not confuse the team member with tasks they don't necessarily need.

To set a permission:

Find the team user you want to edit in the Settings

From the Permission Level drop down box, choose one of the options:

Access to all clients

Gives this user access to everything in your Doddle account - this is essentially the "Owner" level.

Access only assigned clients

This user will only have access to tasks in clients and projects where they have been set as part of the client or project team. (see below)

My Workspace/Assigned tasks only

This user will only be able to access "My Workspace", which is only tasks that have been assigned to the user.  The user will also need to be placed on the client or project team, however will not be able to see tasks that have been assigned to other people.

To set the client team

Head to the CRM.  In the right hand column simply select the team members, and hit Save Changes.

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